Captain America: Civil War

Marvel truly has the superhero market cornered. From the Avengers, to Deadpool, to the tv series Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and the upcoming Punisher series enjoyment can be found at every turn. So when the next release date approached, I was very excited to experience the next thrill ride that Stan Lee had prepared for me.

I have to admit that I was a bit underwhelmed, which is understandable because this is one of those pesky “leading up to the next one” movies. Exciting, but not too exciting because we have things to introduce you to that you need to remember for later. This includes T’Challa/Black Panther. *praise hands*


I honestly didn’t realize that Tony Stark had so many parent issues. The number of decisions he makes on pure reaction instead of calculation in this movie gave me whiplash. And no one ever took enough time to explain to anyone why Bucky Barnes’ situation was less than clear. It seemed like it would be pretty easy to provide evidence about the brainwashing (no real spoiler there…this story isn’t super spoiler filled).

Perhaps the most welcome and fun surprise was the sunshine brought in by the casting for Spiderman. The voice, the persona, the fact that we don’t need his origin story AGAIN (ugh), and the fact that Aunt May is like an aunt as opposed to a grandmother, all makes this fresh and new without getting bogged down in the mud. His innocence also makes him a target for manipulation by Stark, which I think he will learn and grow from in the future.

Also bringing in comedic relief was Paul Rudd, who just rocks the Ant Man character. When you go, bring orange slices. You’re going to need them. 🙂

All in all, this was another enjoyable Marvel romp, however it was slightly disconnected due to the Iron Man emotional issue catastrophe decisions, so by the end you don’t really feel any kind of resolution. That’s okay though, because this movie isn’t about resolution, it’s about leading us to the impending Infinity War. My body is ready.