Weekend Update: On the Tagline

This weekend I have been taking time to do things I enjoy. The husband and I received our tax return and we’ve gone hunting for a real-life, adult furniture set for the livingroom. I’ve been able to get out of the house, do a little shopping, and the husband almost had to roll me out of the theater after The Lego Batman Movie because I had eaten so much popcorn. Today I’m going out to try a new breakfast place that just opened up, and I’m going to make progress on my two books for this week’s reviews while he goes off to nerd it up with his D&D group.


Speaking of nerding it up, it occurred to me that my tagline requires a bit of nerd rep to get. I’m one of those people that gets irritated with the overuse of ellipses, and so the tagline just seems like another instance where someone doesn’t know how to use punctuation. But something that makes me very angry is the minefield of books that are out there to choose from. How do you choose? Do you judge a book by its cover? Who do you trust? The New York Times? The Guardian? NPR?


In this online world where people might pay for a “review” to be run that is actually an advertisement, where the truth is pushed to the side in favor of “fairness” and “everyone’s opinion matters” here at Angry Angel Books we believe that opinions are like assholes, everybody has them and not all are worthy of consideration.

So again, how do you choose? In a busy world where you might have a little time each day to devote to a book, how can you make sure not to waste your time? It’s just not guaranteed. You must choose, but while a good book will bring you joy and entertainment, a bad book will bring you frustration and lost money.


Whenever I go to a bookstore or try to pick a book to buy online, I feel like I’m in that Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade scene where the old knight tells them how the grail works.

So my tagline is there and the ellipsis serves as a genuine pause, paying homage to this scene and the difficulty involved in sifting through all the books out there to find the true treasures. I’m just glad that choosing the wrong one doesn’t skeletonize me. Also, while we’re here: Nazis, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists can go straight to hell.


Enjoy your weekend. I will continue to bring you book reviews so you can choose…wisely. Thanks for reading.