Self-Care Revisited

Last December I posted an essay on suggestions that I had for self-care. If you are new to Angry Angel Books and would like to read it, please click here.

I have been spending this evening before heading back to the real world controlling my breathing and warding off a panic attack which is being fueled by the unruly amount of work I have to do this week. I also know that I (we) left the house in shambles too, so not only do I have work-work and school-work to do, there are chores backed up too. *breathe in* *breathe out*

My coping methods are pretty rad (thanks therapy!) but sometimes I still struggle, so I thought I would take this evening to provide a Monday post with more self-care suggestions at the end of quarter 1 of 2017.

  1. Get Active! – if you’re like me the get active! idea from December has petered off into the “gosh I should really go for a walk” as you continue to stare at your computer screen and wait for the next episode of your show to load on Netflix. The first day of spring is coming, and with it renewal and fresh beginnings. Find some small way to move, whether it be walks, 25 situps in the morning, weights on your ankles that you lift under your desk while you work – the important thing to remember is that you don’t have to join a gym. Make this small. With some very real healthcare realities looming, making sure you have some healthy habits in place is very important.
  2. Relax Mentally! I think we’ve all got some way to relax physically. I like to think I am a champion relaxer that way. I am NOT good at telling my mind to take a freakin’ break already. In December this was a suggestion to engage in some kind of meditation app like Headspace, but I never ended up shelling out the dough. So I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest some new ways to tell your brain to chill the fuck out.
    • Coloring books: I have plenty of friends that like to shame this all day long. They love to call them dumb. Here’s what I’ll say though, if you like to color, if you ever liked to color, there are so many options out there for adults to use coloring as a tool for relaxation. Coloring pencils, gel pens, sharpie fine tip markers – you name it, it’s out there.

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      Order Jenny Lawson’s amazing bestselling, inspirational coloring book. (Click the Pic)
    • Journals: There are so many beautiful journals out there that aren’t as expensive as a Moleskine. If there is something you are into, there is a journal out there with that theme on the cover. Treat yourself and then use a website that provides positive prompts or words to spend some time writing, or just fuck that crap and write about whatever you want.

      Spoilers! (Click the Pic!)
  3. Drink Water! This one remains as important as it was in December. Get that diet soda and that juice and coffee and fancy schmancy espressocinochiatto but please for the love of all things good please find a way to get eight 8oz glasses of water in.
  4. Do something new! Research says that novelty and learning new things brings happiness, and with the plethora of apps available there should be something new to try. Listen to new music, start to learn a new language, or find a website that offers online classes for free.

To help with all of this I recently discovered a website (with a companion app) called Habitica. You create a little character and you earn points and coins as you complete tasks and goals individualized to you. You can team up with friends to fight monsters or raise your own stable of interesting creatures, but it’s all based on your own habits, daily tasks, and to do lists. The only downside to this is that it would be very easy to just take advantage of it, but if you don’t take it too seriously it could be a fun way to motivate yourself to drink water, take a walk, and keep up with that Duolingo language you’re trying to learn. There are other habit helping apps and programs out there too, so if this one doesn’t float your boat, maybe check out some of the others.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Especially if you are a woman reading this, remember that the world wants…no sorry, expects us to sacrifice ourselves for others while keeping a smile on our faces. Remember that it’s okay to flip the world the bird and focus on you. Selfish isn’t always a four letter word, sometimes it is absolutely essential.

How do you take care of yourself? What suggestions would you make to others that feel too busy, or don’t know where to start? Let’s share and make a great pile of ideas so we can all remain sane. Have a great week!