Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

This week I am so glad to be back and posting again. The downside to having a full-time job and trying to have a consistent online presence is that the full-time job will always take precedence over reading or posting. I do my best to balance both but this is the busy season for the job I do, and some weeks are more difficult than others.

I do have dreams though. In this second year of blogging about books I’m already beginning to think about how I might expand what I do here. How might I turn this into something that I feel comfortable asking for donations or starting a Patreon over? Since I felt so motivated and glad to be back and angry, I thought I would share some of them with you.

  • Libraries of America

I want to travel domestically and make those trips short vacations away from my day to day to spend time alone. I would love to travel to states and locations with awesome, interesting, small, and unique libraries. I’ve thought about interviewing the employees of the libraries and taking pictures of the buildings and interiors, maybe arriving at a time of year when large book sales or events take place. This would take some research and time to contact the libraries to ask permission to interview and document, but I feel like it might be a nice project for year 3 in 2018.

  • Podcast: Angry Angel Book Nook

Podcasts are a dime a dozen and they haven’t completely caught on yet, but their popularity is rising. I would love to carve a small niche into the market and start making my voice heard. I’ve been listening to several different podcasts to get in idea for the flow, timing, and content that is present, and I’m going to start focusing in more on book podcasts specifically this summer to hear what’s already being done that I would like to emulate and to find ways that I can be new and different. This is something I’d like to begin doing this summer so I can catch the podcast wave before it crests, so if you have ideas for what you’d like to see let me know!

  • Little Free Library Online

This would be, hands down, my most difficult idea to bring to fruition. I have been seeing so many posts lately about Little Free Libraries (official website here) and it’s something I would love to do but (a) we live near a school and I don’t trust the kids that walk by, (b) we rent so I’m not sure we would be able to put something like that up, and (c) Florida is gross and I wouldn’t want to leave books outside like that.

So I’ve been brainstorming how I might set up an online database for a free library that ships out via media mail. I would need a way to show that a book has been “taken” from the little library, and I don’t necessarily want a holds/wait list like a traditional library so I would need to put it back up if it was returned. I’m also not sure about whether I even want a return policy, because the whole point is that maybe that book won’t come back, but I think I would want to offer a return envelope or something. Also I need an address where book donations and returns could be sent, because little libraries are where people can leave books as well.

This is huge and requires more research and planning, but it’s something I can’t stop thinking about and I really want to try.


These are three things that I can’t stop thinking about. I want to do them, I want to make them a reality.  If you have ideas or suggestions for podcast content, programs that you know about that might be helpful, or suggestions about libraries in your area that might be worth visiting, let me know! I love hearing from you. 🙂 Thanks for reading and I’m so glad to have been back with you this week. Stay angry!

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  1. Have you checked out “book mooch”? It is quite similar to your third idea. But get on that Podcast thing!!!


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