Angry Angel Alert: Post Responsibly

I have the distinct honor of being linked as friends to a few authors on Facebook. One I became friends with without realizing she was an author and famous, the other accepted my friend request and I knew what I was asking for. The latter, Jenny Lawson, is a fun, talented, troubled, amazingly strong individual and her struggles and successes make me feel like I’m not alone. So when I saw the following post pop up on Facebook today, I got ANGRY.


Now look, there are few things that make me angrier than this kind of disrespectful social media behavior. It comes in many forms, but I’d like to break this post down piece by piece so you get what I mean.

  1. YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH A FAMOUS AUTHOR. Maybe I’m just extra sensitive about social media but jeebus maybe don’t leak your shit all over her wall? Also this is a person who struggles with anxiety and other mental health issues, and if you are friends with her and follow her blog you know that she’s been particularly overwhelmed lately. All I’m saying is that if you are blessed enough to be in the presence of an angel, don’t shit all over it with your issues.
  2. “I know I’m a cheap asshole, but I’m broke.”I’m confused. Are you cheap or are you broke? Or are you both? If you are both then this sentence makes absolutely no fucking sense. Additionally are you looking for a pat on the back for being cheap, or sympathy for having no money? Either way NOT THE PLACE. This is the kind of comment that is just fishing for people to pay attention to the person by way of the profile of the FAMOUS AUTHOR WHO GAVE YOU SPACE ON HER PLATFORM. Respect the space, know your environment.
  3. “I wish the things in your shop were less expensive because I want so many of them!”The Bloggess aka Jenny Lawson hosts her shop on Zazzle (Link HERE) and just a cursory glance at the items shows that they range in price from about $2 to about $30, and the more expensive items are usually shirts. Does this person understand what things cost? Does this person understand how revenues and costs come together to make profit, which is the difference between the amount you collect for selling a thing and the amount you have to spend (or shell out to a hosting website) to sell a thing? Does this person understand that 2000% of what Jenny puts out is free for her to consume and paying $17 for a journal with a raccoon on it is a small price to pay for brilliance? MAKE IT CHEAPER SO I CAN HAVE IT I’M SO CHEAP/BROKE. Give me a fucking break.
  4. “Was this douchey of me to say?”YES MOTHERFUCKER, YES IT WAS.
  5. “I mean, I know you have to make a living.”No you fucking don’t. You came on here looking for people to be like “aw, you’re broke that sucks!” or “yeah, gosh me too so expensive!” when you should have been on here letting Jenny know you support her or giving constructive feedback on something, maybe suggesting a cheap item to sell that you would be interested in? No, this post was all about you going in where the public was and looking to be a self-serving, pay attention to me, mine mine mine, douche nozzle with no respect for the space you inhabited in that moment and no understanding for the person to whom you were speaking. STFU and GTFO

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One thought on “Angry Angel Alert: Post Responsibly

  1. Totally agree! The thing is, Jenny Lawson is pretty transparent with all the issues she is dealing with. She’s funny and her writing is out there for anyone to read, but she JUST A PERSON, just like you or me. It’s not okay for anyone to blame Ms. Lawson for their cheap/broke situation! So rude and completely thoughtless. I love Jenny Lawson’s writing and I hate seeing anyone treating her disrespectfully.

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