Try This At Home: Theme for the Year

I was listening to the Happier podcast yesterday and their “Try It At Home” suggestion was to give your year a one word theme instead of doing something like a New Year’s resolution to show focus throughout the year. I read it more like a mantra, or a goal, or something to always think about and to infuse in your decisions and actions. It also allows for multiple interpretations to allow for success in many forms, and you can be as specific or broad as you want!

I know that my theme for 2018 will be Travel. I really want to travel and meet people, write about cool libraries, and go to blog and writer conferences to expand the reach of my writing. Plus I know that the husband and I are planning on traveling to Paris at Christmas in 2018, so that would be a big bang ending for a Travel-themed year. I’m already in the process of planning how best to bounce around the country on a limited budget, and I can’t believe how excited I am to get out of my comfort zone and to bring the world of libraries and reading into your lives.

Thinking about how to theme-ify 2017 with just one word, I think I would use Consistency. I want to make sure that I am consistently posting every week. I want my readers to know what to expect. I want to be consistent with my habits too: moisturizing after a shower, flossing every day (don’t go “gross”, you don’t do it either), exercising on a regular basis (not necessarily every day, but consistently – every Monday maybe?), etc. The theme of consistency should guide me through the remainder of 2017 and set up some excellent habits that will act as a great foundation for expanding my world next year.

What one word would help guide you through the year? What ideas and motivation would speak to you and get you through meaningful interactions, projects, and goals this year? Let me know in the comments!

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