We Want You! We Need You!

we want you

Those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter know that I have registered to attend the BlogHer17 conference. It’s a conference catering to women who produce and provide content online and want to network and learn how to expand their reach and improve their content. This was a very spur of the moment decision, as most of you know that I wasn’t planning to travel until next year for these kinds of things. The conference is in Orlando though, and so since I’m only an hour and a half away I couldn’t resist.

Here is the problem. I have been teaching online for 2 years now and my people interaction skills are untested since 2015. I mean, I know how to interact with people in a positive way; I deal in customer service instead of teaching, really. What I am afraid I don’t know how to do is get excited about ME and what I have to offer. How do I convince someone to take my business card? What’s amazing and different about me?

Networking is something I’ve never really had to do. I interview well, and teaching isn’t a profession with a ladder to climb, so fighting for jobs or attention hasn’t ever been a part of my professional reality.

I’ve done and will do more research, and I’m working on my “elevator speech” – a short 1 minute description of what Angry Angel Books is all about so when people say “hey, what’s your deal?” I have something short and all-encompassing to say. If you have suggestions for how I can make this conference even more successful please let me know. If you are in a heavily networked field, how do you cope? What are some things you say that are generally expected when you interact with people in short bursts?

I am open and ready to learn. Help me so I can bring Angry Angel Books to the world! (Comment button at the top near the title, or you can post on Facebook.)