Inaugural Book Giveaway!

Last week I decided that instead of taking my books to the library as donations, I would try to find them new homes instead. So each day I would post sets of books as I went through them, and anyone would grab them as long as they commented first.

books giveaway

My followers on Facebook did not disappoint! A total of 25 books were claimed and are being shipped out today!

books in enveopes

I hope they all make it to their destination safely! All claimants received a tracking number and while media mail might be slower than most other methods, it is by far the cheapest.

The total for all books to go to their new homes was $57.01, not including the first small shipment I sent out. When you consider I sent 25 books and you would spend about that much to only buy three or four new books at the store, I am pleased with this endeavor.

Enjoy your books everyone! Have an excellent week. Stay angry.

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