Nine to Five

I wanted to throw up a quick post tonight so you all wouldn’t forget about me. 🙂 I am not a religious person, but I have found myself screaming JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL all week. This time of year is what we in online teaching call hell months – when students try to take a 10 month course in two months before the new school year starts up again for whatever reason (and to be honest some of them shouldn’t be doing it).

So assignments to grade come in at triple to quadruple their normal rate, and the number of phone calls I have to take or make in a day also increase by the same rate. Today I was in my home office from 9:45 until around 10:40 and I wish I could just fall asleep here in my lovely electric recliner chair with the lights on because I cannot muster the energy to even get up to get ready for bed.

I love that you read this blog, thank you for following and supporting and laughing along with me. I do not forget that you are there. I was in the shower today in the time one kid did not pick up when I called, and realized that I had scheduled my ACOMAF post too early, and I frantically rushed out of the shower to grab my personal computer so I could fix it while I was on the phone with the next student who I needed to call when I was right out of the shower.

So tomorrow you get ACOMAF review plus I will go live around noon to talk about my next giveaway. 🙂 Have a good night angels, see you on the flip side.