An Angel Gets Its Wings

I am taking a moment today to welcome all new followers to Angry Angel Books, and to thank all the followers that have been here since the beginning. This was a tough week for me and as I sit here this morning I am so excited that more and more people are joining our family here online. Your presence here brings me joy.

Angry Angel Books is always about books first, but no matter the topic, all of my posts are written with the goal of connecting entertainment and personal experience to the larger social world. My posts are not book reports, they are an emotional journey into the book, letting you know what your experience might be like, and why it would be important to indulge in that experience.

Something that makes this website very special to me, and I hope to you, is that it is a kind of chameleon. There are so many genres of books, so many stories to read and enjoy, that I can take you on a journey into fantastical lands, or I can ask important questions about women’s rights or representation. You can encounter knights defending the realm or a memoir about Scrabble tournaments. The world is our oyster, because the literary world is never ending, a many tentacled beast that stretches into our minds to teach, to inspire, and to delight our imaginations.

So welcome to this world. I will strive to teach, to inspire, and to help you imagine a world in which we can all come down from our respective clouds to get happy, get angry, get together around the comfort of a good book, a good movie, and hopefully, a good life.

angry beast

Have a great day, angels. Stay angry.


Twitter: @angryangelbooks