Casper Pillow: The Unboxing

As a part of BlogHer17 I participated in the sponsor special event of speed dating. One of the brands that was there was the company Casper, who specializes in mattresses but also has sheets, pillows, and even pet beds available! Once we had our 90 seconds together, I was offered a card with a beautiful pin and a coupon code for a free pillow!

I ordered the pillow last Saturday and it arrived today. That’s pretty fast shipping, and there were faster options available.


The inside of the box was absolutely beautiful, and the pillow was wrapped in a soft plastic bag. An envelope with information about the pillow, its care, and the company was also included.

The pillow itself is substantial. It is heavier than you might think, but it is basically two pillows in one. It has give on the outside like a hotel pillow, but firmness on the inside like a strong foam pillow. Usually I have to use two pillows to get the support I need as a side sleeper. The one Casper Pillow appears to have the same size and heft as those two pillows put together.

Casper Pillow

I have the pillow on my bed and plan to track my sleep and comfort over the next 100 days, the period in which Casper allows customers to try their products with the option to return for a full refund if they are not satisfied. I’ll check in in a week (7 days), a month (30 days) 2 months (60 days), and at the 100 day mark to show how the pillow works over time and whether it holds up and provides comfort.

The pillow is available HERE and retails for $55. I did receive mine free but if I like it I can honestly say I would be willing to invest in a second one for my husband. I look forward to checking in in a week’s time to let you know how it’s going!

Check out Casper on Twitter (their presence is pretty amusing and encourages lots of naps!) and Instagram.