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Get ready ladies and gentlemen because on Wednesday, July 12th the first episode of Based on the Book will go live! There is a new Facebook page for the podcast, so if you haven’t already drop in to the AAB page and click Like/Follow and then head over to BotB to Like/Follow as well. Also any of these links should take you to the preview episode of the podcast, so download and take a listen!

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You have options if you would like to listen to the podcast. First I have the RSS feed for episodes on the right hand menu of this website. Click on the episode link and it will take you directly to my Libsyn page where you press play and you’re off!

LibSyn Direct Page:

Those of you who use iTunes will be happy to hear that Based on the Book is available there as well – please search for Based on the Book in the iTunes Store and subscribe. Same with Google Play Music if Android is more your style, go to the menu, then podcasts, then search and subscribe. Once you subscribe it will appear under “My Podcasts” when you log in or use the app.)

iTunes: (This link will show you the podcast and episodes but you will have to have an Apple ID and access to the iTunes store to get them.)

Google Play Music:

I have also uploaded my RSS feed to Soundcloud, which is a website that will show the episodes with a play button and you can listen right from there. I am not sure if they have an app or not, but if they do there should be an option to subscribe to the feed.


All but the iTunes store are accessible via your regular internet browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox) and most have apps for your phone as well so you can listen on the go. Wherever you choose to listen from, please subscribe and then once I have a few episodes under my belt, please rate and review the podcast so that others will see it and join our bookish community.

As always thank you for your support and I look forward to bringing you more fun content through the podcast. Have a great week, angels!