No Questions, Please

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This morning was the only the third morning I have had to get up earlier than 7am and I am already longing for the sweet embrace of death. Our dogs are also not digging this change, and their own sleep patterns are all jacked up – waking us up last night around 4am. We’re all dragging pretty hard at this point, with two more days left to go in planning week.

I finished Gabourey Sidibe’s memoir yesterday and I am very excited to share that with you for the first of my 8ish week Memoir Monday series next week, and I am finally finishing book 2 of The Dark Tower series tonight and starting book 3 tomorrow. I remember now why I kept putting these books down either at end of book 2 or start of book 3; you have to be fucking patient and stick with it because it’s…not super exciting right now. I’m hoping I have enough time to read over the next week to bring you book 3 as well, but we’ll see.

Something that was discovered today is that I am on my own in terms of instruction. I am 100% in favor of this, but I’ve taught in so many places that require common planning/lesson plans/assessments that it’s weird that I was able to submit my syllabi today having made them completely on my own, and have them be accepted by the principal. I planned my calendar, my instruction, and everything completely on my own today. It’s not that I don’t have the ability, after 13 years I can do this with my eyes closed, it’s just strange that there isn’t more oversight. I mean, maybe that speaks to the level of micromanagement that exists elsewhere, but it feels…unsettling.

I also get the sense that people may not really know what they are doing. Every time I ask a question at the school level, (everyone at the district level has been very helpful) someone says they don’t know, state that it used to be someone else’s area but they aren’t sure who’s in charge of it now, or they give a nothing answer that makes you feel like they’ll look into it but then they don’t. The math department doesn’t have a department head. This is absolutely wild. I wonder how much slips through the cracks. I guess as long as the school’s academic performance puts them in the top 3 schools in the district, maybe they don’t care? I’m not going to rest on my laurels, but at the same time I’m just going to do what I feel is right until someone tells me otherwise.

I feel badly for any teacher that actually needs materials or things done for them, they must be going crazy with anxiety. I know I would be. Luckily I can live that streamlined life and work with what I have (thanks to your generosity!). They say that in some situations it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. I think that’s going to have to be my motto for this school year.