Two Weeks In

I am so tired that if you gave me someplace dark and warm I would fall asleep at any time of day.

I have a routine in place that allows me to do my job without worrying about the stupid details of the job.

I am eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I miss my dogs.

I miss my cats.

I am getting really good at Melitta pour-over coffee.

No one knows who I am. I stay under the radar.

My classroom is humming. No one knows this. No one comes to see. No one listens.

Two weeks in and my classroom is a community.

Two weeks in and my students are learning.

Two weeks in and I can’t make the screaming in my head stop.

I can’t make the dreams stop.

The memories are coming back.

I do what I have to. I do what I’m good at.

I’m an excellent actor. I’m an excellent liar. I’m an excellent teacher.

I’m surviving.

Two weeks in and this is just what’s happening now.

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