On Healthcare: Deadlines

This week I’ve been a little off on posting because I am not feeling well. I’m not sleeping good and something is happening in my belly that is either (1) gas/indigestion, (2) gall bladder issues, or (3) constipationish and while I know that’s TMI I hardly ever get sick or have issues so I have nothing to compare it to. I can’t be like “well it feels like that time I had xyz so I’ll do this to make it better!” It’s a new feeling and so I would need to go to the doctor to tell him my symptoms and have him give me directions.

The only problem is that I have been without healthcare since June 30th. Technically I have healthcare for legal purposes (the mandate) but I can’t start using the healthcare until October 1st because my school district, like most employers, put a weird waiting period on being able to get a broken leg set or getting a flu shot. I mean, I get it, it’s cost related. They don’t want an employee using the healthcare to get a bunch of stuff done and then quitting, or maybe being on the life insurance and dying, so they make us wait.

In other countries like Canada or England, I could just go to the doctor. I would have paid my taxes in April, and some part of those taxes I paid (or pay bi-weekly out of my paycheck like federal or state taxes in pieces) would have paid for my citizen healthcare. My belly hurts so much I can’t stand up? I go see a doctor. But I live in America, so I have 3.5 more days to wait through before I can go see if something is wrong.

Now, I’m knocking on wood through all of this because I don’t want anything to happen. Honestly a part of me just wants to take the next two days off because I don’t feel good and also because the less I’m out and about, the less chance there is that something will happen.

What I don’t understand about people is why this doesn’t matter to anyone. I get that we all want to get ours and go home, but don’t you want to make sure that the people around you at the grocery store and around your kids at school are healthy and have access to care so they don’t spread the plague to you? In this world of individualism, can’t we be selfish about ourselves enough to care about the environment around us at the very least, and care about the health and safety of those in our immediate community at best? WHY DO WE HAVE TO EXPLAIN THAT WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE? 

I already know why. That was a rhetorical question. I’ll just be over here, curled into a ball, waiting for the wave of pain to pass and wondering if eating something is worth the pain that comes after it.


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