Taking a Breather

The other day I talked about some goals to bring myself some mental peace. One of those was finding a way to be on the internet less. This morning I was skimming through Facebook when something snapped (not in a bad way) inside of me and I realized that Facebook was a bunch of stuff that just wasn’t interesting to me. I have my book group that I love but that’s about it. So today I moved Facebook off of my phone main pages (unfortunately you can’t delete the app) and put a different home page to pop up when I open my browsers.

It’s so nice! It’s like a million screaming voices just suddenly went quiet and I can breathe! I read half a book when I got home from work today! I’m sure tomorrow I’ll feel an itch and want to check it because all these programs are designed to activate the same receptors in your brain as drugs do, but I plan to stay strong because I’m missing out on so much of my home time because I’m just staring at a computer screen all the time.

Pretty soon I need to add Twitter to this effort as well, because there is nothing there for me either. As long as I have texting and Facebook messenger I should be okay communication-wise with everyone. Then as I phase these out I can start planning time periods or days when I don’t open the computer or look at the phone at all, and I am actually looking forward to that. After that I need to begin phasing in gym days, but that’s later.

I’m finishing up the three books I posted about last Friday and should have those reviews up next week, with even more waiting in the wings. Let’s read!