Men Are Trash

Please do me a favor and watch this 30 second Heineken commercial.

What is this famous actor person trying to accomplish? This lady bartender has taken an order from a customer, is filling a glass with that order, and is bringing that order back to that customer in return for money and maybe a tip. Your shitty, half-closed eyes, swaying back and forth dance, creeper act isn’t going to distract her from doing her fucking job. You’re “still practicing”? FOR WHAT??? WHAT DID YOU EXPECT TO HAPPEN??? That she would walk by your table, forget what she was doing, and stick your dick in her mouth?

Also, how is this selling beer? A great example of marketing without being too sleazy is Dos Equis. Their company has the slogan “The Most Interesting Man in the World” and you get the message that drinking that beer makes you special, interesting, and if a girl sees you drinking it, that’s the assumption she’ll make. While still sexist, that’s a clear marketing message.

The Heineken commercial is so gross and sketchy that every time it comes on I cringe and then scream at the television. He looks like that old, drunk guy that hangs out in the same bar every night and tries to feel up the employees. GROSS. Everyone knows someone like this. Everyone knows that guy that thinks his very presence or sexy look will draw in any woman, that he has a right to any woman, that any woman would be honored to have him look at them, touch them, kiss them.

In the age of Trump, Harvey Weinstein, et al, this is unacceptable advertising. It’s an ad that makes me feel uncomfortable for that waitress, who just wants to get through her shift and serve beer at this very fancy restaurant/bar, but has to keep an eye on the weirdo trying to give her the eye from the table near the bar because he might grab her leg or stick his hand up her skirt on her way by if she doesn’t respond to his swaying/squinting alone.

And don’t fucking #notallmen me. If this doesn’t describe you, THEN KEEP IT MOVING and be secure in the fact that this isn’t you. Unfortunately it describes A LOT of men and I feel confident making a generalization in an age where dozens, HUNDREDS of women are coming forward to say ENOUGH.

So Heineken, if you’re listening, ENOUGH WITH THE COMMERCIAL. It’s fucking gross.

2 thoughts on “Men Are Trash

  1. I so keep thinking of blog posts about what the f– men are doing, but I just don’t have the energy to organize my thoughts. Sigh. Glad you were able to…

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  2. My 21-year-old daughter posted #metoo and after I got done being nauseous I texted her to ask what her me too moment was. She and her friend were at a bar after a Friday night football game at their Big 10 school so it was a busy night, lots of alumni, etc. She said this older, drunk, retired frat guy put his arms around her and her friend. Her response? “You’re disgusting,” and they walked away. So yes, men are trash but my daughter wasn’t having it at all and called him on his trash right away. This gives me hope.

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