The ATGP – Sunday Edition

Opinion: Flaking Out

On Tuesday the news was super hot for noted garbage person Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and his Papa Pope/President Bartlett super fun speechy time in the Senate. He’s had enough! he says. Things are too distracting! We can’t govern! he laments. He will be leaving office because he just can’t stomach the political climate of Washington anymore, it has caused him to put his morals and integrity into jeopardy one too many times.

Sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that polls show that your re-election is next to impossible. This speech couldn’t possibly be a “you can’t break up with me, I’m breaking up with YOU” moment, made to make the senator look superior and “above it all.” You’re getting primaried, Jeff, and you’re gonna lose. They can’t primary you if you quit first. Oh wait, I’m sorry, “retire.”


Obvious saving face aside, there is another issue here: Sen. Jeff Flake is still a garbage person. After making his speech he went and voted to prevent nursing home patients from being able to sue their care facilities, and got rid of a law that made it easier for consumers to sue banks. And he’s helping back a law that would make abortion illegal at 6 weeks SIX WEEKS. Before most women even know they are pregnant.

It is very difficult for me to take a politician’s “woe is me, everything is awful” speech seriously when he then goes and votes for everything Trump supports. It’s hard to be like “aw, Jeff Flake’s out of a job” when he’s constantly benefitting from the distractions Trump provides, and he’ll probably get a pundit job at Fox to keep his coffers full.

These are the After-Times, I know a distraction when I see one. I recognize smoke screens and changes of topic. Tweets meant to anger and confuse, press conferences meant as diversions, lofty speeches meant to beguile. Even my husband insisted that this was a Good Thing(TM) and we should embrace when people are willing to stand up and say something is wrong. How brave of Flake to stand up when he knows he isn’t running, when he has nothing to lose, when he can still turn around and vote for bills that tear down rights and regulations, appoint dangerous people in important roles, and continue to deny truths and proof that we are in some very real danger.

You created the environment that allowed Trump to happen, and you benefitted from his presidency legislatively and probably financially as well. See ya later Jeff. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

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