Victim of the Holds System

What happenedSave usThese two books have been on my TBR for a very long time. I waited for two months to get What Happened, and this is the second time I’ve had my hands on No One is Coming to Save Us. While my local library has made some changes to their holds policies that have improved my experience, I still have a little gripe about how we get to keep books.

First, if a book is a new release you only get 14 days. I get that, so that’s not my gripe. My complaint is that if someone has it on hold after me there is no possibility for renewal. Not even one. So I have to return What Happened only half finished because I got 14 days with no second chances, and I’ll be back on the 44th slot on hold again. I mean, based on what I got through it’s exactly what I expected, but since people are heated I wanted to make sure I read the entire thing before commenting on it because I have ~integrity~.

This leads me to my second issue. Again, the great thing about the library is that you get up to 5 renewals on all books, as long as no one has it on hold after you. The trick is that you can’t just grab all those renewals, you have to wait until the end of your first time period and then renew. So in the case of No One is Coming to Save Us, I had 4 renewals left to use, with the next due date of 12/12 (THIS TUESDAY). So when I went in to renew it one more time (it was next on my list) SOMEONE HAD PLACED IT ON HOLD. So I either have one day to read it or just take it back and put it back on hold again.

We’re coming up on the end of 2017, and I really want to make room for new releases in 2018. So in the spirit of my sanity in this holiday season, I will be letting go of some books that were on that TBR, but will have to head to the back burner. In addition to the two books above, we’ll be saying goodbye to:


It’s important to know your limits. I still have several books on tap, but they are books that I want to read and I plan to treat myself in the coming weeks in my reading habits. Because of money and library holds issues, these 6 books just had to be more things that I let go, and I’m okay with that. If there is time in 2018 I’ll return to them for sure, since most of them were on many “Best Of” lists in 2017.

What are you reading right now? What do you wish you could get to before the end of the year? Do you have a Goodreads challenge you are trying to complete like I do? I’m at 82 books out of a goal of 100 books for 2017. No matter what your goals, remember to read what you love. When it becomes something you have to do, it’s less fun, and we want to keep it fun. So go read a favorite book, and let me know what you’re reading.