No Book Nook: Patreon, New Releases, Rewards

Last year a few of my followers asked me to create a Patreon so they could support my efforts. Right now the money I receive via my one patron (shout out to Pookie!) goes toward a fund that I use to

(1) buy new releases not available at the library or via an advanced reader copy.

(2) maintain this website and keep the site ad free.


(3) pay entrance fees for conferences (this year AWP and Miami Book Fair) that I share with you.

This year I would like to begin to purchase more new releases, which would then result in more giveaways for followers as well as more up to date reviews. I want you all to be hearing about the books that are 2-zero-one-eight not 2-thousand-and-late.


I have set up some rewards on Patreon to entice you to set up at least a $2 per month patronage to Angry Angel Books. I am working on finding a good printer for some stickers, bookmarks, and coffee cups, and as I mentioned before, patrons will have priority access to giveaways of books that I have purchased and reviewed. $2 a month is $24 a year and that’s at least a good hardcover book. You know you’d be buying that anyway. 🙂

If you would like to support what’s growing here, take a look at Patreon and see what you think. Remember though, that your continued readership is what matters the most to me, so if you do not become a patron I still love you as much as I did before.

Read, be brave, stay angry.