52 in 52: Cleaning out my Closet

Have you given in to the pressure to make a new year’s resolution? At this time of year is difficult to avoid making even the smallest promise to yourself about eating better, exercising, or being more organized. I have to admit that even in my own mind I’ve told myself that this is the year that I get back to 200 pounds, the weight that I was before I met the husband. We have gym memberships and have been eating very well already, so even though it’s like a resolution, it’s really just a continuation of what I’ve already been doing.

So instead of resolutions this year I decided to try out something that I read about on Facebook (and that definitely doesn’t make me feel like I’m a crazy grand-aunt). You make a list of 52 things that you want to do. They can be chores, trips, donations, self-care, whatever, and you try to do one each week. Here’s mine (click to embiggen):


For week 1 I decided to clean out my closets and drawers and donate clothes to Goodwill (#35). Writing this post now I wish I had taken pictures of my closet beforehand because everyone loves before and after pictures, but I didn’t and so you get pictures of the four bags of clothes I cleaned out and the after. As you can see, I don’t own a lot of clothes.


I got rid of anything too small for me that I’ve been holding onto and anything too big for me that I don’t look good in. There are not a lot of affordable, well-fitting plus-sized clothes, so these are the clothes I wear.

Luckily this will make the next move easier to pack for, and goodness knows laundry isn’t a chore, so hooray for cleaning out my closet!


Next week I’ll be introducing you to the drive I’ll be hosting for charity! Have a great weekend!

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