No Book Nook: The After-Times Gazette “Stay Focused” Edition

Fire and Fury

I understand this book is very exciting. I admit that when I heard about the eating cheeseburgers in bed while watching TV bit I was equal parts horrified and jealous. Everyone loves a tabloid, a scandal, an embarrassing story about someone important, especially in The After Times when our president is who he is.

I will not be reading this book. I am not looking down on those who do, honestly do what you need to do to get through this garbage dump of a world we currently exist in. For myself I will catch what snippets I can through news outlets, Colbert, and Twitter, and leave my reading time for books that I will enjoy reading.

I already know all I need to know about this president, and my ears are open for more important info as time goes on. I apologize if you were looking for a review of it here. You won’t find it, but you will find many exciting new releases this year!

Mother Oprah

The speech that Oprah gave at the Golden Globes was inspiring and heartfelt, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that each award recipient seemed to feel the need to pay homage to her when they approached the mic to give their acceptance speeches. There is something about Oprah that makes me feel like she has my back and I can rely on her whenever she is speaking.

Whether she runs for president or not is completely up to her, and to be honest I don’t have the mental capacity to think about the carnival that the next election will bring (I’m already cringing at the midterms riding over the horizon). One thing I do want to say, just briefly, is that it says something about the volume to which our national discourse has been cranked that we would cling to one of the most influential and powerful black women in the world and ask her to save us from ourselves.

It is America’s historical habit, for some reason, to want non-politicians to run the government, and I suppose at the heart of it, in theory, any American can run – that’s the idea. But the reality of the situation is that these are people we are asking to handle intense legal and financial issues for almost 400 million people of diverse backgrounds, and your aunt Clara just probably shouldn’t be put in charge of that.

For my health issues I want a doctor, for education I want a teacher, and for politics and government I would like people who are educated and familiar with the workings of politics and government to be voted into those positions. A nice side benefit would be that they share my values and actually care about my future and well-being, and perhaps have some coursework or background in finances as well. It’s not glamorous but it gets the job done.

Jake Tapper

Ed over at Gin and Tacos said it before and better than I could, but I feel like it’s past time where we just stop inviting people on these shows. It’s difficult because the trap that 24 hour news stations have set for themselves is to constantly be slave to the ratings monster, and what pulls eyes to the tv like watching a smart person own an unstable person?

I already know all I need to know about these people. Please, for the love of god, stop inviting them on your shows. We all know what they’re going to say, we know what’s going to happen, we can’t get any new info from them, only a spectacle. STOP IT.


If you stare too long at the bright lights, you’ll lose the ability to see at all. Be careful. Stay focused.

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