52 in 52: Hosting for Charity

At the end of 2017 a lovely member of the Facebook group I am in (bitches gotta read) asked admins of the group if we had a pet project or charity that she could donate to in our names in appreciation for our work keeping the group safe and fun. No one has ever done this for me before, ever, and so I didn’t have one at the front of my mind. I hadn’t had time to vet a book related charity, but I knew that the ASPCA was a great organization that does a lot of good for animals. You all know that my furbabies play a huge role in my life,



so her $20 donation inspired me to do some good this year by sponsoring a year-long fundraiser for the ASPCA (#30). It is called Angry Paws and Claws and has a donation goal of $2,500 by December 31st. I have my fundraising page linked on Facebook and here on the website (see the left sidebar) and will be promoting it throughout the year.


So if at some point this year you are reading my posts, enjoying the content, and wish you could show your appreciation, send some $$ to the puppers and meowers so they can be safe and warm and on top of the nearest book or Kindle that someone is trying to read. I would love it if you would share the site to your friends and family and ask them to support as well. The address is: https://secure.aspca.org/team/angryangelbooks

Two down, 50 to go! (Click to enlarge!)


Week 1: Cleaning Out My Closet