52 in 52: TRASH IT

The husband and I have so much stuff. Ever since we moved to the Tampa area in 2010 we’ve been forced to move every time that we have relocated. The first place we lived was a 3rd floor apartment that was beautiful until smokers moved in downstairs, and smoked almost nonstop on their screened lanai, the results of which came up and into our apartment. We moved out in a rush into a rental home, which was nice until we both got jobs that were over an hour drive from where we lived, and transportation costs necessitated moving. Then the rental house we got that was closer to work was sold from under us, so we had to move unexpectedly to the home we are currently in and have been in since the spring of 2015.

We signed a 2 year lease last May, and will have stayed long enough to be priced out of the house at the next renewal time. This will be the first time we plan a move that is forced, yet planned and purposeful. Every other move was a “throw shit in boxes and GO!” move, so we have been moving a lot of stuff around with us that we don’t necessarily need. Since we now have the time, we have been trying to prepare to move in a more organized way. Part of the preparations for this were the previous closet cleaning and Goodwill donations. This week we’ll be moving to another task: just throw shit away.  The thing I wrote was “throw 3 things away” but it turned into 3 categories because it was bigger than I thought it would be.

Dog Toys



So…we have a lot of dog toys. They have been accumulating since we got Daisy in 2009 and exploded a bit when we got Rosie in 2013. I managed to get them into categories: Softies, tuggies, squeakers, balls, and miscellaneous.


The rules were that the toy had to be new enough to be clean, interesting enough to be familiar, and not a duplicate. We kept 3 regular sized tennis balls and 4 small, colored, squeaky balls. They also love racquetballs because they are so bouncy so I kept one of those too. The scary raccoon toy holds a water bottle for crinkling so we kept that and the Mystery Machine from the miscellaneous pile. Wonder Woman and Sandal got to stay from the squeaker pile and since Rosie uses a softie to say she’s ready for bed, we kept most of the softie pile, especially the brand new squirrel tree.

Now all our toys fit in one basket and will be easier to pick and play with!


Yankee Candles



We’ve moved these candles and added to the collection over the past 8 years and it was definitely time to take a look at the collection and see what was up. Yankee Candle suggests trashing a candle once the wax gets down to a 1/2 inch, so I used that to judge as well as candles we haven’t seen or enjoyed in a while.


The holiday season is when we use candles the most, and we go through Christmas tree scented candles more than any other. Living in Florida allows for a real tree, but it’s dangerous and can be gross (ants, spiders, etc) so we invested in a nice fake tree. That is awesome, but we miss the smell, and these candles have been amazing to make up for that. We also don’t make a lot of cookies anymore, but the smell is something we miss so we burn a lot of baking type candles too. I was not surprised that the candles that were low or in need of replacement were the ones pictures above, but into the trash they go!

So what was kept? Several large jars and some others.



Somehow we have two Sun and Sand candles, so I must have gotten that smaller one as a gift from someone. I’m throwing away 7, bringing our total down to 13 candles. The husband and I are going to burn one of these each night to make sure we like the smell of them, and if we don’t we’re just going to chuck it and replace it with one that we do like. Life is too short to house Yankee Candles that you don’t enjoy!

Wedding Tub

The husband and I got married in 2010, (TWENTY. TEN.) and the centerpieces, bubbles, and favors that we hastily packed into a tub when we were cleaning up the small hall we rented have been sitting in that tub since July 22, 2010. We have moved it 4 times and never unpacked it. Well guess what, stupid Rubbermaid, you’re gonna learn today.

The bottles are nice so were going to keep those for decorating, and the mini wooden crates are being scattered about the house to hold things that are normally scattered about (there are 7 of them). The foam, seed strips, bottles of what are probably dried up by now bubbles, and other miscellany are getting trashed.


Now we have a free tub and a more decorated/organized house. I didn’t throw out very much for this week’s goal, but what I did toss makes me feel a little neater, a little lighter, a little cleaner, and that all feels good.


Next week we’ll visit the Suncoast Arts Festival! (Click to enlarge.)



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