Do What You Can With What You Have

Included below is a Facebook post I made on my personal page one year ago today. I felt like it was important to share because sometimes we get into a woke-lympics instead of knowing ourselves and knowing how we can best help in the After Times. If you can do better, do better. If you’re doing your best, keep doing that. Don’t judge what you can or should do based on what you see on tv.


January 21, 2017

I’m seeing a lot of “I feel guilty” or “I feel cowardly” this morning because many of my friends couldn’t be at the marches.

There isn’t just one way to be brave. There isn’t a best way to be involved. This is just the first way. There will be more. You won’t be able to be at every one. That’s okay. We have jobs, we get sick, we can’t afford to travel, we need self-care and rest – these aren’t excuses, they are life.

This isn’t a sprint. We just have to do one thing every day that shows we are not here for this bullshit. And that one thing might be unplugging and refueling so you can be more active tomorrow.

I didn’t make it to a march today. But all of you know where I stand, that my home is safe for you, and that I am not here for this bullshit. I am with you. We stand together.

Amanda Nissen