No Book Nook: Know Thyself

It is no secret that black women have been showing up to elections. While real numbers would have to be obtained and are probably smaller than you would think, the percentages don’t lie: black women are not here for this bullshit. From the 2016 presidential election to the more recent Alabama special election, black women are showing up in the 90% range for Democratic candidates. In contrast to this, white women are not showing as much support for Democrats. 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump and 64% of the white women who voted in the Alabama race voted for accused child molester and supporter of the KKK, Roy Moore.

Special author note: the Alabama info doesn’t surprise me because it’s white women in the south. I was prepared for their garbage. Even though the percentage was larger in that race, the 53% of white women nationwide concerns me more. I am not a really big fan of relying on percentages alone, especially when considering elections in the US. Even in large, widely publicized elections we can only manage to get a little over half of eligible citizens to vote, but percentages are all I have time for at the moment.

Armed with only these percentages, it’s no surprise to see visuals like this at these women’s marches:


We could look at images like this and be like, “yeah, that’s true, a majority of the white women that voted did vote for Trump” and just move on with our day, but that’s impossible in this age of people screaming at each other on the internet. White women who are totally working so hard and totally don’t deserve to feel bad about anything have to remind everyone within their voice that they are totally not that white woman. Every fragile white woman has to attack on Facebook, Twitter, etc in order to remind you that she didn’t vote for Trump and don’t forget #notallwhitewomen did!!!


One of the most valuable skills that I learned online which increased my enjoyment of social media was the ability to know myself and to not take anything personally that I knew did not apply to me. To get defensive about comments about how white women voted for Trump would be to make the argument about me instead of asking what the fuck is up with the white women who did vote for Trump? Also it insults the intelligence of people having the conversation. OF COURSE we understand that 53% does not equal 100%. There are white women out there doing excellent things, being supportive, promoting change and progress – we know that. You don’t need to remind us of that fact in the middle of a discussion about white women who are not doing that.


Don’t get me wrong, I do have problems with ultra-wokeness. I think there are pockets of the internet that eat people alive if they aren’t 100% knowledgeable/sensitive about every fucking social issue. People forget that not everyone is on Twitter 24/7 and have jobs and families and lives and maybe don’t have their finger on the pulse of the diverse communities rising around them.

I understand how to manage my vocabulary to be sensitive to different populations because I exist on the internet and interact with these populations to be up to date on the issues as much as I can be. But not everyone is there. I do think there is some room in this discussion for being kind to people who are actually trying and not ripping them into pieces if they don’t get things just right.

To allow for this kindness, white ladies, I hate to tell you this but you’re going to need to learn to shut up. Don’t comment to defend yourselves. Listen to what people are saying and learn about the issue. If it applies to you, fix yourself. If it doesn’t, take pride in your works and actions and continue to make a difference. The world will see what you are doing. You don’t need to defend yourself in the comment section of the Facebook status of someone you’ve probably never met, trying to convince them you’re not one of the “bad ones.” They know you are out there, you don’t need to send up a defensive flare on Twitter. You will get eaten alive. You look ignorant and selfish. Stahp it. Do good works, improve what you can, and learn to listen more – know that you are one of the good ones, and more importantly than that, show that you are. No defense necessary.