52 in 52: Go to a Festival or Fair

This week the husband and I drove to our local outdoor mall to attend the Suncoast Arts Fest, a collection of arts vendors, sidewalk chalk drawings, face painting, and overall an okay time. Admission was free, so the price was right.

I was a bit disappointed to see that there were no food vendors or anything like that, because that smell really makes a festival for me and you can find it at things like the Kumquat or Strawberry Festivals that are held in this area in January and February. I think the reason for this is to encourage people to eat at the food places in the mall. Still disappointing though.


We walked the entire length of the festival and saw lots of cool painting, photography, and mixed media. Most of it was completely out of our price range. There were some things that I would have wanted to get if we owned a home, but would be unrealistic at our rental home or in an apartment.

There was one booth where we stopped at the beginning of our walk that had some really amazing Chinese art by an artist names Zhiyong Ye. He didn’t have a website or a card or anything, just an e-mail address. Even the originals were within my price range, and I need to make sure to contact him to see if I can get one. But we identified some of the reproductions ($25) that we liked and said that if we didn’t find anything else at the festival then we would stop there and get a few.

The husband chose this ancient-feeling, mountainous village scene. I like the way I feel when I look at it: both dark and powerful.


I chose this little number. THAT KITTEN IS GONNA GET THAT BEE. Look at the amazing intensity in the eyes! There was a second one where the kitten is hanging from a branch above some swimming koi, but this one spoke louder to me. At some point I want to get that other one to make a set.


It was a smaller festival, but it got us out of the house on a Sunday and gave us some exercise and some culture, plus we came home with some excellent art to hang on the wall. Next week, I’ll share a gift that I bought for the husband. We’re on week 5 people!