52 in 52: Buy Scott a Present

There was one gift that I wanted to get for the husband for Christmas. He wanted the Super NES Classic Edition, which is a teeny tiny version of the Super Nintendo preloaded with 21 of the most popular games including Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Final Fantasy III, and Donkey Kong Country. However, when it was released at the end of September 2017, we were flat broke and they sold out within minutes worldwide.


GUESS WHAT NERDS. On MLK Monday I was scrolling through Amazon daily deals just for something to do and I SAW THEM AS A LIMITED DEAL but they were already wait-listed So I got on the wait-list, hoping that someone would decide against buying it so I could have one. I set my Amazon app notifications accordingly, turned up the sound on my phone, and waited.


PING! One was available! I pooled my gift cards, some available credit on a credit card, and a little cash to provide the $70 needed to obtain this rare gem. The husband was so excited that he did a happy dance!


It is SO TINY. The controllers are regular-sized and a relief after trying to use the Wii controllers for these retro games for so long. Everything is corded though, so its going to be difficult finding a way to fit it into the livingroom so people and puppers don’t get tripped up. Once it was set up the husband immediately launched into Super Mario World for a bit, and then tried out Castlevania IV.


He was so excited, and I am thankful for this happy accident and my internet window shopping! We’ll both be watching for when the NES Classic relaunches in summer 2018 so we can add it to our collection.


hehehe BUTTS

Next up, cleaning the kitchen floor!


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    1. They are on Amazon around $99 right now. I’m assuming people buy them up and then resell them for a little higher price. I paid $75 I think, so if you wanted you could get one right now via Amazon or Ebay I bet.


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