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Las Vegas Shooting Post

I have written about these things before. I’ve written about our change from inward festering to outward indifference towards our national state of affairs and about how nothing will change even though people and babies are gunned down. Babies. And nothing changes.

Every shooting hits me hard. It’s scary. You can’t stop living your life but with multiple school shootings between January 1st and today (just school shootings, doesn’t include other types) it’s beginning to start to be like a roll of the dice just going in to work.

This one was in Florida. It felt closer. The death toll was higher than others. The shooter pulled the fire alarm. He used a typical school operation to serve his purposes. He was caught alive. He was a white male, but you probably already knew that when I said he was caught alive. He has been associated with white nationalists.

I went into school today and told every single child in my classes that I loved them, that I would do my best to keep them safe. There isn’t much I can do, but I promised to do my best. I explained that we can’t plan for people who want to hurt us, so all we can do is our best to stay safe and take care of each other.

I have spent almost every day since November 2016 scared, angry, or sad. Not always overwhelmingly, but those feelings are always there, brought on by something or other in the news. School shootings affect me. I could die this way. The way things are going it might become true that I will have a greater chance of being killed in a school shooting than I do of getting in a car accident.

I saw this post on Twitter today:

Screenshot 2018-02-15 at 4.38.52 PM

This is a trap. We’re supposed to be shut up about him being a Trumper because we wouldn’t dare to call a guy an asshole when his daughter has just been murdered. The funny thing is that I can do two things at once. I can feel sympathy for this man for his loss, while knowing he is an idiot who voted people into office that are willing to allow something like this to happen and are bought and paid for by the NRA. It goes alongside the times when people that voted Republican but suddenly didn’t want their Obamacare taken away. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES? WHAT???

Now, I’m not saying this guy lost his daughter because he voted Republican. I’m saying that the school shooting that took his daughter’s life is something that can happen because Republicans are in power and have been since 2010 and will not change things to prevent children from dying because they get so much money from the NRA. Politico has a great post that will show you just how much money your representative received. You’ll see where the influence lies.

We have to stop giving a pass to people who only learn lessons when things happen to them. We have to stop having a dialogue with people who care nothing for our society and only care about things that benefit them and “fuck everyone else”. Dialogue and “both sides get an opinion” and equal time and blah blah blah has gotten us here. The Tea Party showed up in 2008 and we invited them in and gave them a seat at the table when we should have kicked them to the curb. Not all views are equal. Some are harmful or ignorant and should not be given the time of day. We have to start making demands and shouting over those who would silence us. We have to be louder now. We have to DO something. Goodness knows no one else is going to.

Keep your thoughts and prayers. I want a little less talk and A LOT more action.