Clash of Responsibilities

So today I had a talk with my principal about how I can continue to flourish as a book blogger while maintaining relationships with the diverse student, parent, and coworker population that we serve.

While I am not willing to tone down the profanity here (which, let’s be honest, isn’t that pervasive and is warranted on the terrible reviews) I do concede that my social media accounts can use some tweaking. So I have made the following adjustments:

  1. My Facebook will remain open and as is, with less use of the words fuck and shit in the descriptions. No more videos will happen, including live videos. Posts only.
  2. Twitter has been locked down and will require approval to follow me. I am hopeful that this will not interfere with when I tweet at authors and publishers. If you haven’t yet followed me on Twitter, click on the bird on the right and request to follow.  (Really it was my retweets that were getting me in trouble, the political ones in particular.)
  3. Instagram isn’t an issue either, and it’s basically food, dogs, and books, so I unlocked that and it should remain as is.

I also edited my About Me page to be more focused on me as a person and how I am in this space. Please click on “Meet Amanda” above and let me know what you think.

Thanks for following and reading.