No Book Nook: Make a Joyful Noise

I had to stop in here and drop a note about Sam Nunberg. I don’t usually talk about specific political people but watching this man make the rounds on my usual afternoon/evening news shows brought me so much joy that I had to share.

Seeing him lose his marbles, first over the phone then in studio on MSNBC shocked me, but in the way that coming home to find a surprise party and tons of balloons would shock me. How desperate must ol’ Sam had to have been to put on that kind of show? I admit that by the end of his discussion on The Beat with Ari Melber (6pm on MSNBC) I felt a teensy bit worried about the guy because he was thrashing about defensively like a rabbit caught in a snare.

I am not sorry about the giddiness I felt watching him squirm. I want each and every single one of these people to squirm, and apparently I want to watch it happen because it is in the afternoon on Tuesday and I am still riding on the happiness high I hit last night watching him on tv.

It felt so good to see these horrible people who have brought about The After Times start to crack and crumble, even if it was just a low level campaign staffer. Sure it’s slow going, but as long as I get something like this every couple of months, I can be patient. Lady Justice is coming, and I believe she’s the woman for this job.

Just please, let me watch.