No Book Nook: Birthday Wishes

It’s my birthday today and it’s the one day a year when I feel okay making some things about me. This year I would like to make some present requests to the universe that would make my life a lot easier and more enjoyable.

  1. Aerobics classes for out-of-shape people: I love fitness classes. Step, zumba, yoga, just basic strength training type classes – I want them all. Unfortunately I’m too heavy and out of shape to participate in them. Could we please get organized to make a club that has fun fitness classes for out of shape people? Fun music that is slower so I’m not jumping my heart rate to 220 beats per minute to keep up with Janet hopping up and over her step that’s up on 4 lifts? Someone invent this and open a studio and you can have all my money.
  2. Breakfast delivery: I would give just about anything to be able to order up an omelet on a weekend morning. “Does Dunkin’ Donuts deliver?” is a rhetorical question that I ask almost every weekend, and the unspoken (and sometimes spoken) answer is NO. Please, all you food delivery services, add these fast food places to your list. Add Denny’s. Add Village Inn. I WILL GIVE YOU MY MONEY. And I know that in other areas you can get breakfast through delivery but I can’t so don’t tell me if you can because I’ll just get jealous and mad.
  3. Massage covered by health insurance: If chiropractic is covered by insurance, massage should be too. I really should be having a visit at least once a month and I can’t remember the last time I got one and I’m really paying for it right now but I don’t want to pay how much it costs to get one. I want 12 visits a year to a masseuse covered so I can feel better.

Happy birthday to me. One more year in the dust.

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