52 in 52: Double Time!

This week I did two things from my list, one for last week and one for this week, all in one day! The husband and I decided to go out to breakfast (#20) yesterday at Village Inn, and then make our way to Lowe’s to pick out some seeds and plants to make an effort to make something grow (#52).

Village Inn has a system similar to Dennys where you can make a breakfast from a list of options. I chose a cheese omelet, 4 slices of bacon, hash browns, and toast. Across the way you can see the husband’s over medium eggs, oatmeal, bacon, toast, and banana multigrain pancakes. We were super hungry because we spent the morning arguing with my student loan servicer about my monthly payment and didn’t get out of the house until around 1pm. I can confirm that we did not get pie.

The husband likes to start from the seed. Each spring he loves to pick out an assortment of fruits and vegetables to try to grow from scratch. His ultimate goal is to grow a watermelon, and up until this point we’ve been thwarted by moths and worms and bugs. Hopefully this is the year!

I am not so patient. I went out among the flowers and veggies and chose some plants to grow in my tower pot. After fighting a few very large wasps for a large bag of potting soil, I settled on two cherry tomato, 6 strawberry, two watermelon, and one cucumber plant to put in with some marigolds.

This tower is so neat! Each layer can stand as a pot on its own, or it stacks up on itself for a very compact planting – perfect for apartment patios! My thumb is like 92.3% black so we’ll see how long these plants survive and, if they survive, whether they produce any fruit, but they look pretty cool for the moment.

Next week’s goal is to listen to an album that is new to me (#36). If you have suggestions for a music album, feel free to comment with your thoughts! I have been out of the music world for about three years now so I’m not really up to date on what’s hot and what’s good. Have a great last week of March!