No Book Nook: Social Media Hiatus

As some of you probably noticed, I took the last week off from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram wasn’t that difficult because I don’t really use it anyway, but Facebook and Twitter have been a real effort to avoid. It’s been about one week since I’ve been on the platforms and it is still difficult to avoid checking them every time I get bored.

Much like people trying to quit smoking will chew gum to distract from cravings, I found some things to spend time on instead of constantly checking social media.

Coloring book!

I have been working on a page from Jenny Lawson’s “You Are Here” coloring book. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed just picking markers randomly and filling in the bubbles. I’m not done yet, but on nights where I didn’t feel like reading, this filled the void quite nicely. The slideshow below will show the progression from the start to where I’m at right now.

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New game app!

I am not a person who plays games on their phone. I have never played Candy Crush or any other game really. Any one that I’ve tried has been quickly forgotten or deleted. One game that I did like back when the husband had it on his tablet was Card Wars, a Magic card type game based on the characters from Adventure Time, a cartoon show on Cartoon Network. So every time I was someplace where I couldn’t color or read or get up and do a chore, I’d play a quick round of Card Wars and then put it away.



Even though I was off of social media I was still reading and posting here. I got in the habit of putting on my noise-cancelling headphones, setting them to ocean sounds, and reading like 100 pages of a book while the husband watched tv. The next books I am working on will be Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and This is Not a Love Letter by Kim Purcell.

Video Games!

It has been over a month since I used my Playstation, and so I managed to get the updates downloaded and installed and I played for a little while. I don’t have any games I’m into right now, so that’s less of a distraction and more just something I felt like I should do. I’m still clinging to Destiny, but also branching out into Horizon Zero Dawn and hoping to get into Monster Hunter World at some point in the next couple of months.


After a week of avoiding social media I’ve noticed that I’m feeling less anxious, I’m engaging with my actual surroundings more, and I’m going to sleep earlier at night and sleeping a little better.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do when my self-imposed hiatus is up. I don’t trust myself to not fall down the rabbit hole of Facebook again, being stuck to my screen every spare minute I have. But I have to participate in Facebook and Twitter if I want this website to grow and have its posts spread into the world. I have to think seriously about how I want to manage that, how to set that balance so I can continue to feel better, but do what modern times require of me to grow Angry Angel Books.

Have a great weekend! My next installment of 52 in 52 is up tomorrow, so check it out!