52 in 52: Listen to a New/Old Album

I decided to interpret this as music that is new to me (#36), and not necessarily albums that were released recently, and the project that I worked on actually covered the “listen to an old album” (#37) task too!

I read an article published by NPR that laid out the top 150 albums of all time that were released by women. Since we now pay monthly for Google Play Music Unlimited, I didn’t have to buy any of the albums. All I had to do was search for the albums and add them to a playlist. There were too many to fit into one playlist (playlists are limited to 1,000 songs) so I made two.

Playlist #1: Top 150 Albums by Women

Playlist #2: Top 150 Albums by Women

I am working my way through the lists, deleting songs that I don’t enjoy, and “liking” songs that I do so Google can include them with my favorites playlist. I made both lists public and linked them above in case you would like to enjoy them as well. The NPR article is also linked above so you can read through and see the albums that are featured.

I was surprised by how uncomfortable the country albums made me feel. Listening to the Dixie Chicks album (which I had never owned or heard, just the singles on the radio) made me cringe. I forgot how amazing Alicia Keys’ first album was, and listening to the Miseducation of Lauren Hill brought me back to high school summers. I’m just going to keep working my way through and enjoying songs old and new. I hope you enjoy them as well.


Next week the husband and I will be heading to Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater to see Pod Save America live, which will cross off the “See a show or comic” event. I will be sure to take pictures and share! Have a great weekend!