52 in 52: See a show/comic

Short and sweet this week. Pod Save America came to Clearwater, Florida as part of the Pod Tours America tour. I managed to get myself and the husband out of the house for an 8pm show on a Thursday.

It was fun, but it was definitely not worth what I paid for the tickets or the price I paid in being up so late on a weeknight. It was something to do once and never again because you understand that listening to it not-live is good enough.

There was also this:

Screenshot 2018-04-06 at 7.22.41 PM

I didn’t get his name, but he left soon after I sent these messages to the Ruth Eckerd Hall Twitter from my seat. He was BLOWING BUBBLES WITH HIS GUM AND SNAPPING THE BUBBLES. I just…jesus I just can’t believe people sometimes.

So it was fun, but it was almost inconvenient enough that I might have wished I hadn’t gone at all. The husband and I also had a nice dinner at Carraba’s beforehand too.


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I did manage to snag tickets to see Mike Birbiglia (a comic) at the much nicer Straz Center in Tampa in May, so I might need to cross this one off the list twice!

Next week is a boring one: Buy a new litter box!