Angry Angel Pet Report

Just wanted to pop in and raise your blood pressure on this new horror that has entered our reality. Apparently Good Morning Britain aired a story about a “debate” concerning dog vaccination and canine autism. AND PEOPLE BELIEVE IT. Google “canine autism.” I’ll wait.

Today The New York Times posted an article that states that dogs can’t get autism, never mind that THIS FUCKING ISSUE HAS BEEN PROVEN FALSE IN HUMANS AND YET PEOPLE STILL DON’T GET VACCINATED. The last thing we need is a bunch of unvaccinated dogs running around because their owners think that they could become autistic. VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. PERIOD.

This is a prime example of something that is treated as a debate but should not be. You should vaccinate your pets. You should vaccinate your kids. Herd immunity is how we stay alive and hold highly destructive illnesses and diseases at bay. This shouldn’t be a discussion, but every time some morning show or talking head on a 24 hour news network invites someone “on the other side of the issue” to talk, it lends credence to an opinion that should not be given the time of day. It’s fucking irresponsible.

This has been an exhausting week and I am looking forward to seeing Avengers: Infinity War this weekend, if only to watch an entirely different Earth get destroyed and imagine that my own reality is better than that where Thanos might come and “balance” me out. Those creatures in Wakanda look like rabid dogs though, so maybe that reality isn’t too far off.

Have a good weekend! LOL *sob*