52 in 52: Buy A New Candle

As previously outlined in the first 52 in 52 we got rid of a bunch of our Yankee Candles that we either don’t like the smell of or burned down to the nub. Some of those were actual favorites so I took advantage of a 2 for $35 sale on Yankee Candle’s website and got a few new things.

Christmas Cookie – you can pry this frosting/cookie smell from my cold dead hands.

Pumpkin Pie – This is Thanksgiving in a jar. If you’re feeling cozy but don’t feel like cooking, light this candle up and smell pies.

Honeycrisp Apple Cider – Yankee Candle really excels with their apple-scented candles, but their newest scent incorporates the best apple and when I smelled it the first time I cried and got a lady boner. Combining the tartness of the queen of all apples with the spices and smoothness of cider creates a candle that will make you believe it’s fall right in your home!

An extra bonus was that if you spent $50 you got a Mother’s Day tote with a bunch of goodies in it for only like $20, so I picked that up too. Because you know…tote bags!

All told with the sales I caught I got $184 worth of stuff for about $70. I’m not the kind of person to shop sales just to get the bargain, running the risk of buying something I don’t really need, so I’m proud that I was able to get stuff I actually wanted while enjoying the rush of saving money too.

Next week the husband and I have to venture out on Saturday and on the way home I’m going to (#10) get my car washed! You’ll be introduced to Chiquita, my 12-year-old Nissan X-Terra.

Have a great weekend!