Little Worries

Hi everyone.

I wanted to drop in today to remind you to stay focused.

There are a lot of issues to care about and to be passionate about.

The news is constantly screaming at us.

Find your beliefs and stick to them – they will guide your discussions with people who just want to shout their opinions at you.

Today I realized that I have two very basic, central beliefs that guide my political arguments.

(1) Everyone should have access to enough money to live.

(2) Everyone should have access to clean natural resources (air, water, etc).

Any time a conversation goes astray, I can come back to: does this thing we’re talking about endanger anyone’s ability to have enough money to live or have access to clean resources? Then I’m not for it. And you shouldn’t be either.

Remember that there are plenty of things happening in the shadows to change our country for the worse that aren’t being reported on the TV, but are going to have much longer term effects than this Russia situation.

Don’t forget to ask questions.

Know what you believe.

Stay focused.

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