That’s Not Supposed to Be There…

Have you been seeing the cool response posts going up on Twitter and Facebook lately? The ones I really like are the requests for embarrassing information, like what’s a word you said in your head but then when you heard it out loud it was completely wrong? For me it was segue. I said it in my head as seg-you, and could use it correctly in speech as seg-way, but when seeing it and saying it came together one disastrous afternoon, I discovered my folly and was heckled nonstop by the husband.

Well, recently my friend Ed over at Gin and Tacos asked followers to share something they learned embarrassingly late in life. My contribution was the fact that I have always believed that pineapples grew on trees, and only recently while visiting the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disneyworld for breakfast, did I discover that they actually grow on little bushes. I thought it was a decoration. It was not.

And it blew my fucking mind.

It wasn’t where it was supposed to be! Everything I had previously believed about pineapples was proven false by the real world and proof and yet, even as I notice that my next door neighbor has bought and is actually planting actual pineapple bushes in his backyard as if to spite me, I still don’t 100% believe that it’s true. It just…it’s mind bending is what it is.

But then I got to thinking. Everywhere I’ve gone, my presence has shocked people. I have heard “you’re not supposed to be here” more than once in my career, from people who had to accept me in the first place. From national music festivals to my graduate degrees, the presence of this poor pineapple in their bush as opposed to some backwoods elementary school tree teaching bongos was just too much of a shock. All the proof was there, but they didn’t 100% believe that I should be there.

And yes I know I’m stretching that metaphor, but it’s how I feel, okay?

So guess what. The official fruit of Angry Angel Books is now the pineapple, because we should all be ready to confront the beliefs that we hold that are incorrect and do away with them, even if that makes us feel embarrassed or ashamed or stupid, because continuing to believe something that is untrue is defiant at best and at worst extremely damaging. We have to be able to replace beliefs and opinions when they come up against fact and reality, or we are doomed.

So here’s to the pineapple. You confusing little fucker. I’m glad you’re here.



2 thoughts on “That’s Not Supposed to Be There…

  1. I think the pineapple is a great choice for official fruit of Angry Angel Books. (1 reason is becuz the pineapple looks like it’d hurt somebody’s hand who tried to get grabby with it.)

    P.S. I always thought the word “misled” was pronounced “myzz’ uhld.” And don’t feel up to saying how old I was when I found out I’d been saying it wrong.

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