52 in 52: Go Someplace Alone

Week 24 of the year! I took the entire month of May off from this series and I AM SO SORRY about that. Honestly that entire month was a whirlwind of testing and waiting to hear if I was going to be transferred and then all the work that goes into ending the school year – it was a lot. So I wasn’t doing a lot of the things on my list.

Last week the husband was in Utah grading AP World History exams from all over the world, so I spent the week at home with all the chores and pet stuff to take care of on my lonesome. Granted since it was only me it wasn’t that big of a deal, but once he got back I knew I wanted to take a day or two to just be by myself with no obligations so I could get what I need so badly – solitude and quiet. I also knew I’d be working on my novel, and two days without interruptions would be absolute gold for me to make a big dent in that word count.

Here’s a short recounting of my weekend.

Friday night

I arrived at the hotel around 4:30pm, and upon my arrival I discovered that I had been named the hotel’s Guest of the Day! This honor bestowed upon me the right to 25% off a meal at the hotel restaurant and a free drink from the bar. Woo!

Instead of eating in the completely deserted hotel restaurant I ventured out to the small collection of eateries located just next to the hotel. The choices were Mexican, Family Italian, Fancy Italian, Beer, and Ice Cream. I was going to get Family Mexican, but the moment I walked into the place a 6 man mariachi band burst into music in this small restaurant and honestly I would rather eat at Beer than try to eat peacefully while a trumpet screams La Cucaracha in my ear, so I went across the street to Fancy Italian and filled myself with salt and also chicken.

I had the best of intentions about going to bed but then I found Avatar on HBO and then suddenly it was 1am and when I stay up after midnight I turn into a pumpkin so I did not sleep well.


At breakfast I chased a couple of assholes out of the hotel restaurant via the manager kicking them out because they were rude to the waitress, not actually guests of the hotel, and breaking the rules about taking a bunch of food out. They didn’t talk to me because, as they stated to the waitress that they HAD to talk to, they didn’t talk to women. That was when I decided to have them thrown out.

I went out and got lunch and some snackies at the local Publix, and then managed to write another 1100 words for my novel. Check out #1000wordsofsummer on Twitter. It’s a pretty cool hashtag for motivating people to write so if you’re interested in joining me you are more than welcome. The hashtag is sponsored by Jami Attenberg, author of AAB favorite All Grown Up.

I also made progress in my favorite video game, read some books, and had my 25% off dinner and free drink down in the hotel restaurant. I actually got to bed at a reasonable hour this time, which led to a much better night’s sleep.


When I went down to breakfast the waitress that was there on Saturday actually did an “I’m excited to see you!” dance and said “yay yay yay” when I arrived at breakfast. I’m not going to lie, that made me feel pretty fantastic. Never underestimate the power of helping people, even when that help is just standing up with or in front of another person so they know they aren’t alone. I treated myself to an extra slice of french toast.

I arranged for a late check out and wrote my thousand words. I packed, read a book, watched tv, and played some video games. Once it hit noon I could call our Thai place and order some food to take home, and then I checked out.

This was just enough time for me to feel alone and refreshed and I didn’t even have to go that far from home. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner and I will definitely be doing it again!