The Disruption of Civility

All right angels, we need to have a talk.

I have been screaming at the tv for a few days now ever since Sarah Sanders got kicked out of that restaurant, also since Sec. Nielsen got run out of that Mexican restaurant. The right wing media and personalities have predictably begun talking about how, regardless of their politics, these people have a right to privacy and people should just let them live their lives. They are attempting to offend our liberal sensibilities and get us to cower into our “we take the high road” identity so they can go about their business on the low road.

The left wing media has begun to take two different approaches to this. One is comparing the denial of service to these people to how Republicans favor the denial of services to LGBT+ individuals (think cakes, flowers, etc) and so somehow this is allowed because Republicans are fine with establishment owners denying service for other reasons. This is a false equivalence and should not be entertained. One is discrimination and one is a form of protest.

The second approach is to discuss whether we are entering an age where civility is dying. It’s the high road vs. the low road discussion. We must always be the better man and turn the other cheek. We can’t stoop to their level or risk being just as bad.

I want to be clear about where we here at the Angry Angel Books website stand on this issue. MAKE THESE PEOPLE MISERABLE.

These people should not have a moment’s peace BECAUSE OF THEIR POLICIES. If you see Stephen Miller at a restaurant you should gather people together and be sure that he doesn’t get his meal. Stand next to his table and recite Green Eggs and Ham on repeat until he leaves. Sarah Sanders is a liar and a mouthpiece for this horrific administration. We shouldn’t have to ask her how she sleeps at night because we should know because WE ARE OUTSIDE HER HOUSE WITH A FULL BRASS BAND PLAYING UNTIL THE COPS ESCORT US AWAY.

Every member of Trump’s cabinet, every Republican member of congress, every person in the East and West Wings all the way up to Trump himself should have zero peace outside of their jobs until these policies are reversed and we see results that restore humanity to the people that are suffering.

The very basic reason these kinds of actions have begun must be because we can’t reach these vampires at work. Sarah Sanders shuts down reporters and feeds them lies in the press room. We are denied access to the children concentration camps. The media thinks calling them concentration camps is too harsh. Congress is now more loyal to their donors than their constituents. We can call and write and petition, but ultimately on the Republican side they are going to do what keeps the money coming in.

So if they aren’t listening during business hours, we have to show what we as a society believe out in the real world. That might result in protests or marches. That might include a restaurant owner saying that they don’t serve the US Minister of Propaganda and asking them to leave their establishment. That might mean that citizens refuse to share space with someone who would not otherwise share space with them or those they care about and love.

We cannot be nice to these people. We don’t have to physically violent, but we don’t need to be nice to them. We don’t have to accept their money or their presence or their words. We live in a world where it costs nothing to prevent neo-Nazis from living comfortably in the public eye. It is our job as citizens to hold our public officials responsible.

There are children living in cages, being ripped from parents and flown around the country. Babies as old as 3 months being placed in the foster system and parents denied the return of their stolen children because they are now part of the adoption system. Refusing to give anyone even remotely involved with this or any other horrific policy that is coming out of this administration the time of day IS THE FUCKING LEAST WE CAN DO.

So kick ’em out. Don’t serve them. If they refuse to leave don’t feed them. Don’t sell them anything. Don’t talk to them. If they refuse to leave call the police and have them removed. Start a hashtag so if you spot a big name someplace people can converge there and disrupt the peace.

Flint still doesn’t have clean water.
THOUSANDS of children are being held and tortured through familial separation.
People seeking asylum legally are being illegally detained and tried.
Unarmed black men are still being murdered by cops.
There were almost more school shootings than weeks of the end of the school year in 2018.
Women are being denied birth control and health care because of religion.
And that’s just a brief sampling of what this administration has begun or allowed to happen in the first 500 days.

I’m sorry, I don’t have time to be civil. People’s lives depend on me being brave and just a little bit rude. It is my civic duty to stand and demand justice. Civil disobedience is something individual citizens and businesses alike can participate in. We have to support businesses that are willing to kick them out, because we all know that online trolls will go and drive their reviews down on Yelp and elsewhere.

It also bears mentioning that this weight should fall more heavily on white shoulders. There have been many discussions about white privilege in the past couple of years and if you walk away with one lesson from all of that it is that we run less of a chance of being arrested. GO DISRUPT THE PEACE so others don’t have to put themselves in what could be very real danger. WE HAVE TO STAND UP FOR PEOPLE WHO CANNOT STAND FOR THEMSELVES WITHOUT RISKING JAIL OR DEATH. WE HAVE TO USE OUR PRIVILEGE FOR GOOD. WE HAVE TO USE IT FOR PROGRESS. And if that means blocking the entrance to an Outback Steakhouse so Betsy DeVos can’t have a Bloomin’ Onion I WILL BE THERE WITH BELLS ON.

We. Don’t. Have. To. Give. Hate. Room.

I say any effort that stops hate, torture, murder, and destruction is very civil. Too bad fascists, you’ll have to make your own tacos at home. Now GTFO.


Read. Be Brave. Stay Angry.