Back to School 2018

Happy Tuesday! I go back to school on Monday. For anyone who has faced a giant chore that they must do, but don’t want to do, you can probably empathize with the giant tantrum that is taking place in my mind right now. A tantrum that serves no purpose other than to fight the inevitable, because eventually I have to put my foot down and make myself be an adult. Making money is something that has to be done.

Luckily the first week back is teachers only, a week for meetings, lesson planning, and setting up my classroom. Thanks to the generosity of readers last year, I have the materials I need to start the year off right without having to buy anything significant. The tough part about this year is acclimating to yet another new school, and planning lessons for four different classes, all of which I have never taught before, and three of which are upper level maths including precalculus and calculus.

One thing I can rely on is my ability to get shit done. It doesn’t matter what is in front of me, I can assess the job and find the most efficient way to get it done. The system I used in the past school year worked very well to minimize my grading load while maximizing how much I could help students understand the concepts within the school day. Kids also loved the predictability of the structure. I’m going to use the same structure, but stretch it across two days instead of doing it every day to give me time to get the grading done faster and to give the kids a chance to interact with the concepts more separate from my instruction. If you are a teacher reading this and would like to know more about my process, please let me know and I would love to share.

Essentially my goal is to always leave at the end of my contract day and keep my unpaid time for me. I want to bring zero grading home, do zero planning at home, and last year that was basically what I did thanks to my method. Plus the data showed that my students did the same or better than the kids in other sections that had homework or overworked teachers. So I’m just gonna keep doing it until someone makes me stop.

Back to school. Ugh.

3 thoughts on “Back to School 2018

  1. Best of luck, Amanda! I think you’re wise, in the face of unfamiliar and new territory, to stick with a teaching process that works best for you (and seems to work better for your students). Why take on more stress?

    I want to go back to school but I just don’t know what I want to do. Unlimited choice is frustrating! xx

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    1. It really is. I tried to go back to get a degree in accounting but (1) it was too expensive and (2) it was impossible to finish only going at night while I worked full time.

      Let me know when you decide! You can do it!


      1. I’ve decided to start with a free course through the University of Strathclyde – a Genealogical one. The book I’m writing is going to be a murder mystery (at least, that’s the plan as I start), and the protagonist is a genealogist. This course will hopefully give me a little overview of how that works so I don’t come across as a total dummy. Anything else that I potentially have to pay for will have to wait. This one is online and I can take as long as I like to do it. Yay for free courses!

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