A Mile In My Shoes

Since returning to the gym over the summer and to my new school for work, I have been discovering some unsettling symptoms in my legs and body. My feet swell up, my hips give out or hurt so badly that I limp, and my back hurts all over, especially in my upper back around my shoulder blades. My feet ache all the time, especially my heels.

We just got paid for the second time this school year, so we had enough breathing room to not only pay bills but also get some things that we’ve been putting off for financial reasons. This morning the husband and I set out into the wilds of Wesley Chapel, Florida to hunt for resources. After a lovely Cracker Barrel breakfast, the husband got a new pair of glasses with lenses updated for his new prescription and a new pair of sneakers at Target to use at his daily gym visits in place of the 5 year old sneakers he had worn out.

After Target we ventured to Happy Feet Plus, a local shoe store where there is personalized service. They measure your feet with those old timey machines and they have one of those insert measurement stations where you stand in them and they show you how your weight is distributed with angry red colors. The salesman even got down on the floor to put my shoes on and lace them up for me.

When I tell you I almost cried in that store. Standing up and walking around in these shoes with the orthopedic inserts made my whole body feel completely different. Everything felt…I don’t know, aligned? Like my body was firmly mounted on a pedestal that was holding me up in the best way. I could stand up without hoisting myself with my arms/my body’s momentum. My knees and hips felt like they had goosebumps, like they were finally able to relax after being stressed for too long. It was a tingly feeling. It was unreal. I couldn’t believe the relief. They even came in my favorite color.


I can’t wait to see how this changes how I feel on a day to day basis. I’m hoping it makes it easier for me to go to the gym. I stopped going when the school year started because I was too tired and sore to walk any more than I already was. I hope that my hips feel better soon; right now it’s hard to turn over at night without pain, and they still make it hard to walk some days.

In case you were wondering, tear-inducing relief costs $220. The shoes were $150ish and the inserts were $60ish. The salesman said that at my weight and how I plan to use them (both at work and walking on the treadmill at the gym) they should last about a year, year and a half before the inserts need to be replaced.

This is something I had to have. This is WAY MORE money than I would have ever spent on shoes. I’m a Crocs-on-sale girl and once I buy them I wear them OUT before another pair comes inside the house. But my body was telling me something had to be done or I was headed for injury. $200 now might save me significantly more later.

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I’ll be breaking in my new shoes this weekend as I take my older pupper to the vet and clean up around the house. I wish for you the best weekend and as always, thank you for being here.