A couple of quick updates:

  • I am now made entirely of bees that are each individually on fire. I will maintain this state of bee-ing until further notice or until our world stops making every week feel like five years.
  • Angry Angel Books reached 5,226 views on Saturday, September 29th, surpassing the total views from 2017 (5,225) by one view! My goal for this year was to write and post enough quality content to encourage viewership to increase, and I’ve met my goal! There are still three more months in the year and I can’t wait to see what’s next!


  • The┬áMiami Book Fair is coming up! I’ll be traveling to attend on November 16 through the 18th and I’ll be posting updates and reports here & on Twitter. I’ve managed to figure out how their events listing works so maybe I can get into a few author events in addition to spending $$$ at the book street fair.
  • I have deleted my Facebook account. I am now only available via Twitter, here, and email. See my Contact page for more information. I know deleting Facebook isn’t possible for everyone, but I am thankful that it was possible for me.
  • I am going to become an aunt this month. It’s funny how some labels are forced on you while others you choose. Just for the record, I’m gonna be the aunt that teaches the kid to swear and sneaks them McDonald’s and candy and brings them cool souvenirs from my travels. Oh yes, and I’ll be teaching them about feminism whether they are a boy or a girl because that’s a presence they are going to need in our current reality.

Have a great week!