If I Had A Billion Dollars

Happy Wednesday! I regret to inform you that I did not win a billion dollars and so I will be continuing with this existence until further notice.


It was telling that, when I thought of what I would spend that much money on, all I could think of were basic necessities that I wanted but couldn’t have. A house, a new car to replace my 12-year-old one, paying off all our debts, and being able to travel whenever we wanted, first class of course.

Just considering having no debt brought up the question, what would our regular maintenance costs be? Probably a maid service to come once a week, a pool service person to come once a week, and a landscaping/lawn service to come once a week to keep up the house and property. The pet costs, like grooming and vet things, would be a consideration. Car upkeep on the husband’s Prius and whatever new car I would get. Yearly taxes on the house and land.

The accountant in me knows that most of that money would be invested and we would draw a salary and expenses off the interest income. Making money from money – the real American dream. Which raises the idea that neither the husband nor I would ever have to work again, which then raises the question of what we would do with our time, but I’m not sure how to even brainstorm that.

Then we started thinking about what we’d do once our immediate needs were met. We knew we’d want to get a flat in London, a cabin in Vermont, and a condo on the beach so we’d have places to stay without having to pay for a hotel. I think I would want to pay a personal trainer to help get me in shape so I didn’t have to go to the gym to exercise (I’d have a room in our new home with equipment anyway).

I own work clothes and enough graphic tees and shorts to get by – I think I would want to find clothes that actually look good on me and are comfortable. Clothes are so low on my priority list that they only get purchased when other clothes wear out, so it would be nice to have clothes I actually feel confident in. I don’t think the bra market would be ready for how much money I would be willing to spend for a bra that actually works.

I think that other things would arise when the time came. Right now my brain isn’t in the right place to be able to imagine all the things I could do with that much money. I wouldn’t want a bunch of cars or a huge house or anything that might be above and beyond what I actually need, and I’m sure I would want to start some kind of scholarship fund or charitable trust with some of the money to go to a cause I care about. But all that’s so far above where I would start that I would have to consider it after those more basic needs were met and secure.

What would you do if you became an instant billionaire?


3 thoughts on “If I Had A Billion Dollars

  1. I’d spend whatever it took to get Piers Morgan to STFU for as long as possible. I mean, who the hell died & made *that* guy the latest Supreme Male A$$hole?!


  2. Firstly, I have to agree with Officer Ripley. I’m not sure why Piers Morgan believes he has any relevance to anything, but he needs to stop acting like he does.

    Secondly, a billion dollars! That’s almost impossible to get my head around. What would I do? A new car (mine is going on 22), a small house or two – it’s just me, who needs 567 rooms to clean? Although, to be fair, I wouldn’t be cleaning them so I suppose that’s irrelevant.

    Pets – dogs and cats and that elusive childhood horse I was denied (thanks to city living) – and the space to let them run.

    Pay off debts, and paying off the mortgages of my friends who still have them. That’s always been a goal of mine for lottery winnings.

    Lots of travel, charitable giving, a chef (I hate cooking).


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