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A recent Twitter thread asked the question: What is the one thing that regular adults do that you just can’t seem to master? For me, there are two definite answers to this question.

First, I can’t seem to send greeting cards. I can’t tell you why but all of my family and friends need to settle for texts, phone calls, or emailed gift cards on special occasions. I’ve tried before, and every so often when we move or I decide to cull the boxes stashed in the office closet, I find the small tupperware of cards that I bought ahead of time to send ahead of time and forgot about. Even Christmas cards aren’t immune, but they are the most likely to get sent – about once every 4 years I send out a set of super fun holiday cards with little paw prints stamped inside as signatures from the pets with our signatures. But honestly I have to know myself, and something to know about me is that you just aren’t going to get a card in the mail from me. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s just something  can’t do, like play the piano or do a pull-up.

Second is something I REALLY WANT TO DO but all my efforts seem to be futile. I love fun lotions and I always feel so much better when I use them, but I can’t seem to get into a more than once a month routine with that Sweet Pea lotion from Bath and Body works. I even forget to use the fancy hand lotion that I got to help repair the cuticles I can’t stop tearing at anxiously even though I keep it right in my desk at work next to stuff I use all the time so I will see it and remember to use it. My skin is so dry that even with how white I am people know my elbows are ashy, so why can’t I work lotion into my morning after showering steps? I haven’t given up on this yet though like I have with greeting cards. Like flossing (which I have successfully added to my daily routine for years now!) putting lotion on can only help and I need to find a way to make this a regular thing I do. Maybe if I put it on at night instead? I could find a nice relaxing scent that can help me drift off to sleep maybe? If you have suggestions let me know.

What’s something that normal adults do that you can’t seem to master? Have you accepted it about yourself or are you determined to make that a part of your adult routine? Let me know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Get It Together

  1. For the lotion, I’ve found that doing it at night helped me get into the routine. Now I can’t take a shower without full body lotion after. I use St. Ives, the calming lotion with oatmeal for my super sensitive dry as fuck shell. I also stash lotion everywhere, especially in the winter. If you’re into lavender, that will help at night for you to sleep as well. Lotioning after shaving will also help your skin.

    Make a mirror note with a dry erase marker. Take showers 10 minutes earlier so you have the time for lathering up. And continue doing it, even in humid summer, because your skin will thank you.

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  2. Something that “normal” adults–well, the old female ones in my area anyway–do that I’m having a harder & harder time mastering–hell, let’s be honest: I’m nowhere near mastering it at all!–is accepting the fact that this is a man’s world; I am so sick of the way that the alpha male sh*t is ruining this country & this planet! Just got back from a mtg. with our financial planner & it’s bad enuff that Hubs won’t listen to me; at this mtg. I had TWO alpha males not letting me finish or hear what I’m saying; so tired of not really being listened to but just being told not to worry! So tired… (“People who refuse to worry about things are NOT the ones who fix things.”~~Raindoll)

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      1. Yeah, fuck it forever! And thanks for listening…nobody my age around here is feminist, it appears. And altho I know it’s not only hard, but impossible sometimes, to manage; but if at all possible, do not strand yourself in an excessively conservative, traditional area. If you don’t make it out before you get too old to move, it’ll be too late. Sorry to be such a downer; but please don’t do what I did; the loneliness of being the only old liberal in a place will just about do you in.


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