The Forest for the Trees

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is decorating the Christmas tree. I went through my Google Photos to share with you our Christmas trees past and present.

When I moved to Indiana in 2008 I got  to spend Christmas completely alone and I picked out/decorated my own, real Christmas tree.

Tree 2008

I lugged this tree out to the dumpster in my shitty apartment complex all by myself. I am still proud of this tree and that is still one of the best Christmases I have ever had.

When I moved in with the husband in 2009 we bought a fake tree that traveled with us to Florida when we moved in 2010. I can’t find any pictures of that tree in our duplex in Indiana but here is one of it from 2010-2011 in our first apartment in Florida and the next is from either 2012 or 2013 in the shitty rat house we lived in two houses ago.

tree 2010

tree 2012

We moved again to be closer to the school where we worked and still had this tree. I couldn’t find my pictures of that, but I did find this picture of the husband and I from the photography class’s photo shoot at school in 2014.

us 2014

In 2015 we didn’t put up decorations because we spent the holidays in London, England.

I took this amazing picture. I was in no way terrified.


In 2016 we invested in a 7 ft. pre-lit tree and did a Christmas tree extravaganza. Every Christmas tree we owned got decorated and displayed. Even the little one. I also did my first theme tree. That star acts like a disco ball and projects colors on the ceiling.

trees 2016

tree 2016

Last year, after a hurricane and losing my job and being so fucking poor I could have torn all my hair out, I made an amazing tree. 2017!


After a couple of years of ribbon we decided to go multicolor and garland this year. It was a little darker but the glittery ornaments really added something sparkly. We had enough this year to get new everything except for the discoball star. I’m not sure how I feel about the colored light option on the tree. We did this color theme to use them, but I want them to be brighter than they are. We put in a smart outlet so I just have to say “Hey google, turn on/off the Christmas tree” and magic happens.

tree 2018.jpg

Next year I’m going with white, silver, clear, and red – candy cane style. And I’m going back to the ribbon because I feel like it looks classier.

Looking back at all these pictures this year has showed me how much better things have gotten since we got married. 8 years of trees and they are all pretty and festive. So much bad has happened, but there has been a lot of good too. At least it’s been 2 steps forward, 1.75 steps back. Progress!

Happy Holidays!