Making It

Ever since I went out on my own and really struggled I would always think of the things I would own to really show that I had made it. I suppose the things I thought of only show the limits placed n my finances, but I’m sure everyone has that thing they would buy if they had enough money.

After years of research I have had a Eufy 15C robotic vacuum sitting on an Amazon wish list since last year. I watch the price go up and down and back up depending on sales, but I could never justify spending that amount of money on something that seemed so frivolous.

I’ve also always wanted to get the cats a tree to play/sleep on. They were always too expensive, plus they are so big that it would have been difficult to move when we were moving so many times. Chloe loves to be up high though, and Toby loves something to scratch on.

So when I logged into my employee portal today to check on the husband’s bonus check coming Friday and discovered that I had one coming too, we decided that it was time. So both the vacuum and the cat tree will be here soon. Thanks unexpected money!

I can’t wait to post videos of how angry this DJ Roomba will make the floofs, and how happy the tree will make the cats. I’m discovering that the more financially stable we become, the more I enjoy getting the few things that just make life a little easier, even if it means spending a little more money.

Videos and pictures to come. Two more reviews on the way next week!