The Road Ahead

Welcome to 2019!

It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through January when last year seemed to last ten lifetimes. But I am here with a few reviews under my belt already, looking ahead into the next couple of months.

I am going to explore new appearance templates for my site. I want to make it more visual – the book covers drawing your eye to a review – and I would like to have a section where you can click on a given tag (e.g. fantasy or series) and see the reviews linked to that category. So if you visit and notice that things look a little different, please pardon my dust as I rearrange and attempt to improve your experience.

January and February are going to be as full of reviews as I can make them. I’m reading a lot more than I was at the beginning of this school year now that I am settled into my new position. Between advanced reader copies and my trusty local library (with a few preorders coming in as well) it wouldn’t be unreasonable to be expecting about two reviews per week this month and next.

March is a very busy month. It’s the end of the third quarter of my school year, marking the end of new instruction and the beginning of testing season. I get a week off for spring break. My 36th birthday is in there. I’ll begin revising my book (I finished and printed the first draft! – see below) and continue writing my second. At the end of the month I’ll pack up my notebooks and extra tote bags to fly to Portland, Oregon for the 2019 AWP Writer’s Conference. I will be paying off the remainder of mine and the husband’s credit card debt. March is going to be a very good month.

The next three months are going to fly by. I’m reading, writing, organizing, cleaning, teaching, and keeping a better work-life balance so I can enjoy everything as much as possible. I’m moving forward with my writing and looking to take that professional path to the next level. Of course I will bring as much as I can to you here and on Twitter.

Have a great weekend!

Read. Be brave. Stay angry.